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Working at Quintain

A smart, transformational and inspiring place to work

A great deal is being achieved at Quintain. Over the last three years we have re-structured our portfolio, devised a new corporate strategy, focused all our operations on London, examined and re-developed our brand and, most recently, created a new head office that reflects the values, culture and ambition of our Company.

We are proud of what we do, and know we can only continue to achieve our business goals by supporting and developing our people. A range of measures are in place to help us achieve this, including:

Personal Development

Every employee benefits from a thorough performance development review twice a year, which includes a 360 degree feedback process. This ensures that excellent work and a positive manner is recognised and rewarded, as well as providing a means through which opportunities can be identified for further professional development that could be supported by the Company.

Annual Employee Survey

Every year employees are invited to participate in a Company-wide survey. Employees can, in confidence, highlight any concerns or ideas they would like the senior management team to consider. In 2013, over 90% of employees participated, with 93% of respondents stating that they enjoy working at Quintain.


New employees are formally introduced to the people they need to know in their first week, and informally to the rest of the Company within the first month. We are a business focused on people, and this ensures that you have an overview of your team from Day One, as well as the practices of the Company.

Benefits and Rewards

Quintain employs around 100 people who act in a range of functions at various levels of seniority. We aim to pay competitive salaries and each is considered individually on an annual basis. In addition, every employee is eligible to participate in the discretionary performance-related bonus scheme as well as benefits such as private healthcare, a generous pension scheme and free advice from both a Company doctor and independent financial advisor.

Quarterly Strategy Meeting

The strategy is delivered by everyone working at Quintain, so we believe it’s important that everyone has the chance to discuss it with the directors. Every quarter we hold an all-staff meeting in London that reviews recent progress against objectives and the external forces influencing business decisions. Colleagues can ask questions or raise concerns either through the formal Q&A session during the meeting, or one-to-one at an informal event we hold afterwards. 

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